1.Q:If we have question or problem on this kitchen faucet,how can I get a help?

A:Please feel free to send E-mail to Arofa Service,E-mail address is:customersupport@arofa-faucet.com,you will get an answer within 24 hours.

2.Q:What is warranty of Arofa kitchen faucet?

A:we support 5 years warranty for primary order,7x24 hours email customer support,30 days money-back,free replacement during warranty

3.Q:Can I install Arofa kitchen faucet without cover plate as my kitchen sink have one hole?

A:Yes,this faucet is suitable for 1 or 3 hole installation.Cover plate comes in the box with the faucet.You can install the faucet with or without the deck plate

4.Q:Does Arofa kitchen faucet comes with everything I need to install it right away out of the box, for both cold and hot water hook-up?

A:Yes! The box came with everything - water lines, gaskets, adapters (if needed for 1/2 inch lines) - you don't even need a basin wrench because the large installation nut has lots of threads and can be hand tightened from below the sink for atight installation. It was much easier to install this faucet.It also comes with an escutcheon in case you have three holes and want to cover up the two side holes - of if you just have one hole you can discard the escutcheon.

5.Q:How can I install Arofa kitchen faucet.

A:There is video installation in our website homepage.Video link:http://bit.ly/A01LYInstallationvideo

6.Q:How can I use Arofa kitchen faucet?For example,how to open and close water?

A:There is video in our website homepage.From it,you can check how this faucet works.Video link:http://bit.ly/A01LYInstallationvideo

7.Q:The nozzle part is not secure with the neck, Dropping down an inch whenever water is off.How can we fix the problem?

"A:Three-Function:Stream mode,Perfect for filling pots and pans;Sweep Spray,Perfect for superior cleaning on dishes,fruit
This sprayhead also has Pause Function to help you stop water between tasks handily "

8.Q:What is the function of Sprayhead?

A:It is the weight sopport this function.Please check the hoses under the sink,make sure they are not acrossed,make sure the weight is not blocked by other objects.So when you pull out the sprayer head,the weight should be move smoothly.Then you can reset the weight an inches up the the lable position.

9.Q:How long and wide is the deck plate that this kitchen faucet comes with?

A:This kitchen faucet comes with a deck plate,which is 10 inches length,maximum width is 2.5 inches.

10.Q:What is the material of Arofa deck plate?Mine deck plate rust and looks very bad.
A:Arofa kitchen faucet is including pure 304 materail deck plate,it is 100% against rust.