How did we get our start?
Once upon a time, the founder of Arofa, need to install a faucet in his kitchen. The installation was laborious because it had taken a whole day but in vain. So frustrated that he was determined to make a faucet that customers could do installation themselves in 30 minutes.

What makes our products unique?
Arofa kitchen faucets are known for their outstanding quality and customer service. Every Arofa faucet is made of high quality material and is tested rigorously before launching on the market. That makes our products unique and earn great reputation in the market.

Why do we love what we do?
A functional kitchen faucet can make you far away from the annoying of dealing with heavy kitchen chores. We are proud of our every progress that makes each of our customer feels more and more easier in the kitchen. Our goal is to enable more people to enjoy the wonderful world.