If we have question or problem on this kitchen faucet, how can I get a help?

Please feel free to contact our service team, our email address is customersupport@arofa-faucet.com, we will respond within 24 hours.

Can I install the faucet without deck plate?

Of course, the deck plate is used to cover unused holes, if you already have one or it is just for one hole installation, it’s no need to use the deck plate.

I have a double sink, is the spout on this faucet fixed?

No it will swivel 360degree, it’s convenient use for double sink.

Can the lever be installed in the front, rather than on the side?

Yes, the lever can be installed in the front or any position you would like, as the spout can be rotated 360 degree.

Can we exchange the hot and cold supply lines of the faucet, so that we can get cold to the user and the hot to the backward.

Yes, it is up to you, exchanging it have no effect to the single handle faucet. I did that before and asked the company for that.